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Welcome to the Canadian RPG Network. . .

The purpose is to unite gamers across Canada (O.K. And the world), who enjoy RPG gaming. 

The Canadian RPG Network is Pround to Announce Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition also know as 3E. The Canadian RPG Network will use 3E rules as they become avalible. Yes, this does mean sneak peek rules will be used ASAP.

The Network starting September 99 will run both Real Life and On-Line events.  The First being the Ravenloft tounament on September 30th.  (See Tournaments for more details.)

In addition the Network sends out a bi-monthly newsletter the Sep-Oct issue  will have a feature on the new controversial Vampire: The Masquerade product The Time of Thin Blood

Members also get access to a private Dalnet channel called #Can-RPG.  However #Can-RPG is open to everyone until Sep 15/99.  The Canadian RPG Network has also secured the Dalnet channels #dungeons_&_dragons, and #white-wolf.

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Anyone can use the Store, for new releases of the month.

There have been7312visitors since July 23/99.

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